Vojta Dyk (or more formally, Vojtěch Dyk) is handsome and talented Czech stage and film actor, unusually versatile singer and Czech dubbing voice of Benedict Cumberbatch among other things.



Poster and pictures from a new Czech film Andělé všedního dne (Angels of Everyday), directed by Alice Nellis (Perfect Days, Revival) and based on a novel of local best-selling author Michal Viewegh.

It´s a comedy/drama with fantasy element. During one day, four invisible angels (played by Vojtěch Dyk, Marián Labuda, Vladimír Javorský and Eliška Křenková) follow several people which had to die that day, and comment their miserable lives.

Among those people is sexually frustrated driving instructor Karel (Bolek Polívka) and his wife (Zuzana Bydžovská), their son (Ondřej Sokol), his former best friend (Václav Neužil), his mother (Zuzana Kronerová), and a young widow (Klára Melíšková), which is object of Karel´s desire.

Reviews are very mixed so far, but considering its all-star cast, this film have a potential to become very successful in local box office.